Past Bedtime

Armed with my new wand,
I enrolled in wizard school.
First class was spelling.

I’m so musical,
Brushed teeth this morning and played
My tuba toothpaste.


Decided what to
Call boy pushing back bully
Called him Ambulance.

My Google speaker is apparently adept at telling me very bad jokes. I am equally adept at turning them into very bad haiku.

You didn’t think I made this golddust up, did you?


Bought plant for math class,
It bloomed and brightened the room,
But it grew square roots.

For the High Jump

Weary pole vaulter,
Jumps in warm, relaxing tub,
Must now fix ceiling.

The End of the Line

Train Co raises cost,
Trains crowded, expensive, late.
Passengers derail.

The Bigtime

They laughed when I said
I would be comedian.
They’re not laughing now.

An old joke by a prolific UK comedian called Bob Monkhouse. I just structured it.