It Was… This Big

Okay, I’m going to start with a spoiler alert – don’t read this if you’re in the middle of eating!

This is what Reuben brought in last night. It’s a bit difficult to get a sense of scale from the photo, but that was probably an 8″ body, plus maybe the same again for the tail! Yes, Reuben presented us with a fully-grown, adult rat! Fortunately, it was very, very dead!

He came in through the cat flap, and he’s carrying this thing by the scruff of the neck, like it was a kitten. I mean. they’re normally so small that you can’t really tell how he’s carrying them, but this one… very much by the scruff of the neck!

So what do you do? Tell him off? Actually it’s great if he starts decimating the local rat population, but… just make sure they’re absolutely dead before bringing them anywhere near us!

Then we have the slight problem of how to get rid of the body. Better not try flushing it…


Some of you will remember I talked a month ago about my daughter’s cat, Esme, staying with us.

We just had a call from my daughter that Esme was run over and killed instantly. She’d have only been about 3½.

My Favourite Girl

It is inevitable that these photosets come in pairs. But at least Lola was awake!

My Favourite Boy

He was waiting in the kitchen at 6:30 AM for his breakfast. After that, he crashed out on the bed.

It is now 11:30 AM. About a half-hour ago, he got up, had a look to see if there was any food in the kitchen (there isn’t, yet), then pawed at the door to go out. As usual, he sits in the doorway so I have to force him either in or out, before I can close the door again.

Ten min utes ago, he decided it was all too much and decided just to crash on the rug in the lounge. Jeez, and I thought had a hard life!

This is the same cat who kills and maims rodents for fun.


Daughter’s cat is still prone to being bad-tempered at times, although she is much improved from her original state of just being pissed all the time.

But while my wife was in the toilet, she was uppity again this morning, after she (cat) had wandered inon her (wife). With my best poetic hat on, I said:

Did she start hissing,
while you were pissing?

My wife was using the toilet just prior to driving over to see her mother. Not to be outdone, she replied:

I’d better get going,
Before it starts snowing.

It’s not gonna snow today, but, you know… license. And then, amazed at her own poetic ability, she added:

See? I can do it too,
But not as well as you.