Reblog: Songshine Sunday #1

To date, KK is a lot more into new music that I am. I’m mostly stuck in the Seventies or Eighties, but I do tend to like the tracks she shares with me. Here is one she just shared on our new site, what do you think?

Incidentally, having set up our site pretty hastily, we’ve now “rebranded”, and got a proper domain name, for it. The image I wanted to conjure up was “summer sunshine” and I think we did that well. Thank you, KK, for your efforts. You can tell us what you think about that, too!

Songshine Sounds

Whether or not there’s sunshine where you are in the world this Sunday, we hope you’ll enjoy a sunny track, and that it uplifts your spirit.

In June 2020, John Batiste took part in theJuneteenthcelebration in Brooklyn, New York which coincided with the death of George Floyd. It was a day of protests, marches, and vigils to celebrate, show solidarity, and fight for equal rights and treatment of Black people.

Batiste told the audience, “…music has always been something that has had all of the different purposes of our life and our community and our healing and our unspoken pain — Now, it’s more important than ever for us to be reintroduced to what our ancestors used music for, because it’s been forgotten. The world at large sees music as entertainment. It’s never been that, at its root. It is that in one element of it, but the entire spectrum…

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A Dog’s Life

Happy Paddy’s Day, everyone!

A Relaxing Start to the Day

I’d kind-of decided that I would wind down just posting links to music videos, but I heard this one the other day and thought you might like it.

I’d never heard of Ane Brun but when I went looking, I saw she has been active for all of this century and has seven albums under her belt. If anything, a testament to how little I know about modern music. Anyway, this was on my “unplugged” playlist and I thought it was lovely.

The Worst Song Ever?

I am just watching an old music show from the Sixties, and I think they just played the worst song ever written.

This is a song by the Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band. Some of you might remember then for the hit I’m the Urban Spaceman. It was a hit in the UK, at any rate, and I thought it was a pretty decent song.

But I’m not talking about that song. I am talking about one released in 1968 called Canyons Of Your Mind.

Before I show you the video (which shows the lead singer picking his nose) here are the first few lines of lyrics:

In the canyons of your mind [- fine so far]
I will wander through your brain [- if it were me, I’d steer clear of brains]
To the ventricles of your heart [- eek]

If you don’t believe me, the link is below. That sound you heard partway through was me collapsing onto the floor. If those lyrics happened to float your boat, you’ll be pleased to hear the rest of the song because it is full of them.

I don’t know about you guys, but when I write stuff on here, I’m under no illusion that I am anything other than an absolute amateur, and most of what I write is rubbish. I do it ‘cos I enjoy doing it. But thank goodness we have the professionals…


This song (another unplugged version, but by a different artist, I think) is featuring on a UK commercial at the moment. (I’m not sure how good the commercial is, when I can remember the song but not the product – I’m sure somebody will comment what it’s all about).

I’d settled on my musical tastes by the mid-Eighties, but there was a sweet spot in the mid-Nineties, when new music became worth discovering again. Mostly, the Cool Britannia stuff, but this song (released in 1994, by The Wannadies) crept in. This version, however, was released by a bamd called The Macarons Project just last year. No, I never heard of them either but this is a decent listen.

It’s funny, I hear a lot of “unplugged” stuff on tv now – I’m sure the advertisers have worked out that this formula is a winner.