Dear Diary

for Fandango’d One Word Challenge (FOWC), ramble.

Today I stayed in.

Yesterday, I went out and walked the dog. Did you know that dog spells god in reverse?

The day before, I was going to go out. But it was raining, so I stayed home instead.

You should have seen the tv last night. First there was a comedy show, then the news, then a talk show. I put the oven on after the news, and ate my meal of egg, fries and beans during the talk show. The beans were tinned in tomato sauce.

Then I went to bed.

I just thought on that there are now hundreds of bloggers (okay, 3) out there who are thinking “crikey, is that what he thinks about my posts?”

Don’t be so silly!

Fandango’s One Word Challenge (7 August 2020)

Formula for success: rise early, work hard, strike oil.

J. Paul Getty

for Fandango’s One Word Challenge (FOWC), formula.

What else to do on a Sunday Morning?

It was still quite early into their relationship. They were lying in bed one Sunday, enjoying that twilight zone – somewhere between asleep and awake, but not quite sure where. The radio was purring softly, then the midday News came on, and the newscaster’s voice roused them both. More bickering in Northern Ireland.

It was funny because Paul seemed to have all sorts of stories about Ireland, which contended with accepted knowledge. That there was not one Bloody Sunday (she had, of course, heard of the paratroopers in Derry), but three. That one of them was way back in 1920, British armoured cars had fired on spectators at a Gaelic football match in Dublin.

She could respond in kind, reciting atrocities committed by the Chinese, passed to her by her father but not widely known.

None of these stories tended to be in the history books, but, there again, who had written the history books?

for Fandango’s One Word Challenge (FOWC) of 6th August 2020, contentious.

I’ve written a background to these characters, in the posts below.


Paul was not at all sure about going to Anna’s sister’s wedding. Primarily, he had to go to support Anna, but he had private doubts about meeting all her family in one fell swoop. However, he had been seeing Anna, off and on, for almost six months, and her family certainly knew of him, despite nobody ever having met. It was high time.

Anna had gone on ahead, and rather than just going home after work on the Friday evening, Paul had tubed into central London, to catch the train from Victoria down to Lewes. To ease him in gently, Anna had met him on arrival, and had fed him at Pizza Express before taking him home to meet her mother and father. Also present were Anna’s rather dippy sister, and her even dippier fiancé, who was permitted to visit the house that evening purely so he could finally meet the mysterious Paul. At first glance, this couple seemed made for each other.

At the ceremony the next day, Paul stood in his morning suit, with Anna just a few yards away, looking resplendent in her bridesmaid’s dress. He closed his eyes, smiled to himself, and wondered “how did I get into this escapade?”.

for Fandango’s One Word Challenge (FOWC) of 5th August 2020, escapade.

I’ve written a background to these characters, in the posts below.

Fandango’s One Word Challenge (4 August 2020)

for Fandango’s One Word Challenge (FOWC), juggernaut.

Fandango’s One Word Challenge (3 August 2020)

for Fandango’s One Word Challenge (FOWC), rain.

Here’s a strange one. I was Googling around a few ideas for today’s prompt, and came across this. Did you know there is actually somebody called “Rain”?

Not Outinda Rain, or anything, just “Rain”. So I just had to find out about this guy.

As you might imagine, he is difficult to find, because all search engines keep telling me about this wet stuff(!), but I did track him down to be a South Korean musician and actor. It did make me wonder why somebody would choose a name for themselves which is so difficult to find in search engines, but I suppose it helps when you have a different alphabet… In Korean, he is 정지훈, which Google Translate tells me means Jeong Ji-hoon.

When I type “Jeong Ji-hoon” into YouTube, I do at least get some hits. It looks like this guy is primarily an actor now, but he started off as a musician. One of the top hits has him acting in a Korean show which translates as “What Kind of Nightmare is this?”

You might be left wondering the same after you have listened to one of his songs! (Actually, it is not bad, for modern music. I’ve got to get me some of those boots!)


When Paul’s son, Jake, first met Anna, his first thought was “wow”. This gorgeous woman, whom he would have more expected to see on a billboard, had some pizzazz. What on earth was she doing with his dad?

As most boys (men!) tend to be, Jake was tongue-tied in front of a pretty girl, so it was left to Anna to break the ice. “Have you seen this buffet, Jake? Looks like there’s some yummy food over there. Want to come check it out with me?”

Anna and Jake stepped over to the buffet, where she found some vegetable samosas. A couple would not hurt, she reasoned. As Anna and Jake put food onto their plates, Paul had followed them over. Anna left the buffet, just as Paul arrived at the buffet. She turned to return to her seat, bumping straight into Paul – and her samosas went flying onto the floor.

The ice was thawing!

for Fandango’s One Word Challenge (FOWC), pizzazz.

I’ve written a background to these characters, in the posts below.

Fandango’s One Word Challenge (1 August 2020)

My favorite things in life don’t cost any money. It’s really clear that the most precious resource we all have is time.

Steve Jobs

for Fandango’s One Word Challenge (FOWC), precious.