An Honest Mistake

For Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #185, based on the image above. Two minutes all in.

“I’m back”, wheezed Cassie, dropping the overnight bag at her feet and shutting the front door behind her.

She heard movement from the interior. John appeared, clad head to toe in paint-smudged white overalls.

“Hiya, hon”, he greeted, “how was your mother?”

“Oh, she’s getting older”, sighed his wife. “And it just took me three hours to drive home. I’m exhausted. I need to sit for a bit.”

“I’m just finishing. I could do with a brew. Let me put the kettle on. You look parched. But first…” He raised his hands and moved toward her.

“WHOA”, she commanded. “Don’t come near me dressed in *those*.”

“It’s okay. They were just clean on. And as I said, I’m just touching up.” Allowing him to continue toward her, John cupped his hands over her eyes. “First, I have a surprise. We are the proud owners of… a freshly-decorated lounge! I hope you like it. It took all weekend, but I’m just about done.

Obeying, Cassie allowed herself to be escorted, eyes closed, into the room. An excited John counted down. “Three. Two. One.”, announcing “TA-DA” as he removed his hands.

As Cassie opened her eyes, she was hit by the perfect, newly-painted walls of olive. So flawlessly did it shimmer, she might have been underwater.

“I hope you like it”, cried John, excitedly grinning from ear to ear. “I had to shop around a bit to find the shade I liked. I was a little surprised you wanted green, to be honest. But I think I found something decent in the end.”

“You fucking idiot, John”, mouthed a suddenly-exasperated Cassie. “I said, ‘cream’.”

Prompt image for the Fandango's Flash Fiction prompt


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