TV Fayre

Oh, wow.

They are currently airing Mary Poppins on the BBC.

So I’m having a chilled evening watching “Fresh Prince” on ITV 🤣.

The Saturday Groan

My poor old dad died,
and visited me in dream.
Greeted me “Halo”.

Making you groan… any day of the week!


Writephoto prompt image

I came across the WritePhoto prompt from K L Kaley, I had some time, fancied doing some writing, so here goes…

This week, we were asked to write the image below.

Photo of someone pushing a cart down a supermarket aisle.

Oh, wow, she finally trusts me…

Not only will she let me ride to town on my own, but mum gave me a shopping list and some money…

I better hadn’t mess up…

Waiting at the bus stop. Do I still have her list? Her money is safe, I have a purse, but let me check anyway…

Thank goodness, not too long to wait. “A child return to town, please”. On my way. That was easy. Yay, no bossy parents today, I can sit up on the top deck. Oh, there’s Graham. He came to my ninth birthday party last month. And… he’s with his mum. Ha! Aren’t I grown up? Travelling on my own!

“Good morning, Andrew.” Mrs Fletcher. “You’re looking very smart today. I do like your shirt. Where did you get it?” My new blue checked shirt. It goes so well with these new spray-on jeans, and the trainers. I look well cool, today. “Morning, Mrs Fletcher. I don’t know, I’m afraid. It was a birthday present.” “Oh. Graham and I are going to look for some new clothes today. First, he needs a haircut, then we’re going shopping.” I could do with a haircut myself. But maybe next week? In the meantime, there’s a seat free, right at the front…

Made it! How easy was that? I should do this every Saturday morning. “Goodbye Mrs Fletcher.” Poor Graham! Still with his mum. But maybe he’ll get some nifty clothes, like mine?

Right, where’s this list? Ah, still in my pocket. Good…

Okay, supermarket. First on the list, milk. Check. Next? Carrots. What does she want carrots for? If she wants those, she can eat the bloody things herself! Anyway…

What’s next? Ketchup? Oh yes! Easy Peasy. I’m on a roll here. Tortillas? Now we’re talking!

And the last item? Sharp’s extra-sensitive baby shampoo? Must be for Charlie. Little whiney bastard. Still, if she wants it…

But where’m I gonna find that? Let’s ask this assistant…

Right. The baby section is right at the end aisle. Just this one thing, then I can check out. I have everything on her list. She *will* be pleased. Maybe I can have some of those tortillas? Maybe she’ll let me keep the change?

This must be the aisle. Now, let’s hope this thing is easy to find.

Oh, fuck.

Run Down

Clipart image of a crab

inspired by Fandango’s One Word Challenge (FOWC) of 20 November 2021, recommend.

There once was a worn-out Alsation,
Whose doctor recommended vacation,
At the seaside, ate crab,
Then he felt the pain stab,
And was done for by dodgy crustacean!

Prompt image for the Fandango One Word Challenge prompt

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