The Thursday Groan

Asked typist for date,
We enjoyed wonderful drink.
Met up at Space Bar.

Making you groan… any day of the week!


clipart image of some piano keys

inspired by Fandango’s One Word Challenge (FOWC) of 14 October 2021, piano.

A woman who hailed from Havana,
Energetically played the piana,
When one day, feeling sapped,
The girl’s G string snapped,
There was no-one left red-faced more than her.

Prompt image for the Fandango One Word Challenge prompt

Reblog: Roger Moore

I published this charming anecdote a year ago today.

Mister Bump

On this day, in 1927, the actor Roger Moore was born. I never really had a lot of time for actors. They are sometimes well-known because of their acting, but they don’t tend to be great thinkers or philosophers. When Moore died, though, in 2017, I heard this very moving anecdote:

As a seven-year-old in about 1983, in the days before First Class Lounges at airports, I was with my grandad in Nice Airport and saw Roger Moore sitting at the departure gate, reading a paper. I told my granddad I’d just seen James Bond and asked if we could go over so I could get his autograph. My grandad had no idea who James Bond or Roger Moore were, so we walked over and he popped me in front of Roger Moore, with the words “my grandson says you’re famous. Can you sign this?”

As charming as you’d expect…

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