Who Won the Week (10 October 2021)

In response to Fandango’s Who Won the Week posts, I have been looking at my own newsfeeds.

Do you remember the other week I talked about immigration?

Well I’m afraid my winner of the week is the humble pumpkin. Let me explain:

Not only has our government’s ideology brought us fuel shortages, food shortages and the threatened christmas turkey shortage, but this week we learned about the pumpkin shortage.

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Life through the Lens (10 October 2021)

When my eyesight was still good, I was a bit of an amateur photographer. This is one of mine.

image showing a silhouette of a camera

These birding cruises we used to take offered so much material, not just sea birds. Returning back to port one evening, I looked out to sea…

‘This is a pod of bottlenose dolphin swimming alongside tohe boat.

Photograph of a pod of Bottlenose Dolphins


clipart image of a peasant

inspired by Fandango’s One Word Challenge (FOWC) of 10 October 2021, stoic.

A daring young peasant called Ned,
Made revolt when he’d not enough bread,
But his attitude stoic,
And his actions heroic,
Counted nought when they cut off his head.

Prompt image for the Fandango One Word Challenge prompt

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