I vowed when I started blogging never to take part in a stream of consciousness prompt. I generally want my thoughts to be well-polished before they are published. I know. It doesn’t always seem that way.

But there is a Stream of Consciousness prompt today that I could not resist.

So, here are my thoughts on “lid”.

  1. If you’re going to boil a pan of vegetables, you will boil more efficiently if you boil with a lid on the pan. You will lose less heat, therefore require less energy. It’s not just your energy bill – less heat lost to the environment also means less fuel burned, and, in general, less CO2 emitted.

That’s almost all I know.

On the subject of boiling pans of water, however, the most energy-efficient way of raising water’s temperature in the kitchen is by boiling a modern kettle – just think how quickly they get the water up to temperature. So, it is better to boil the kettle and then transfer the water, rather than to boil the water on the hob, from scratch.

If you do insist on boiling water on the hob, then as you might expect, modern hobs are better. Induction hobs are more efficient at transferring energy into the water than, say, the old gas or electric rings.

The Balcony

clipart image of Romeo and Juliet

inspired by Fandango’s One Word Challenge (FOWC) of 9 October 2021, indeed.

Caught red-handed by girl’s watchful father,
Who threw bucket of water to guard her,
It wwas freezing indeed,
Circulation impede,
And it certainly dampened boy’s ardour.

Prompt image for the Fandango One Word Challenge prompt

Celebrating Autumn

We live close to a river, and as the weather gets cooler, there is always plenty of mist in the early mornings.

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