Reblog: Promemoria

From one of my Italian friends.

The translation is “Memorandum: women are beautiful when they are happy, not when they are thin”.

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Le donne sono belle quando sono felici, non quando sono magre

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Reblog: Flashback Friday #33 Summertime

My co-host KK, on our music blog Songshine Sounds, presented a Janis Joplin track earlier.

I didn’t recognise Joplin’s version until I actually played KK’s track, but yeah, I heard that voice before.

Satch and Ella did a version of this Gerschwin original, a version I’m far more familiar with. Intrigued to hear it?

Songshine Sounds

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Welcome once again to Flashback Track Friday. Each week, either KK or Mister Bump will present a song to you, and out of that song, will prompt you with a question.

Could it really be time to say goodbye to summer again in the northern hemisphere? Is it just me, or is summer the shortest season of the year?

Amazing Mezzo-soprano, Janis Joplin revived the 1935 operatic song “Summertime” in 1968. The song retains a sadness of the things lost, of life passing more quickly than expected, and the brevity of youth found in the original score. Joplin died just two years after the release of this track of a heroin overdose. She was just 27 years old, her short summer of a career over too soon.

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Christmas Spirit

inspired by Fandango’s One Word Challenge (FOWC) of 10 September 2021, bamboozle.

Christmas night, it was hard to enthuse,
We decided a game might amuse,
So we all played Bamboozle,
Despite Grandpa’s refusal,
Who decided he’d far sooner snooze.

As a boy, I remember a lull every year on the evening of Christmas Day. Every year (my parents were creatures of habit) we would invite my dad’s side around. Grandparents, uncles, aunties, the works.

Lunch would be timed to be ending just about 3 PM, for that was the time the (UK) queen came on TV. In those days, there was little choice, and I think it was broadcast on all the channels simultaneously. No escape!

Five minutes later, and the Bond movie came on. In those days, it was the only time each year that you could watch one on TV, so the movies had some novelty value. It’s ironic, really, when you think how cheap these movies actually are.

Plus, nowadays, you can probably see one airing every night, if you’re prepared to wade through the channels.

The movie would finish by teatime, and most of the family would just settle down to discuss the price of fish, or more likely to snooze in a chair somewhere.

Everyone was older than me. As an only child, I got bored. My dad’s only sibling had emigrated, so there were not even cousins to play with. And I would be screaming for one of the grown-ups to play a party game with me.

Bear in mind, this was before computers. Books were an option, but I read books every other day of the bloody year anyhow!

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