Reblog: Where Were You Tuesday #7

Anybody fancy sharing what they get up to in the tub?

Songshine Sounds

Now that live music resumed across the globe, I thought I’d mix things up a bit by presentingWhere Were You Tuesdays?Each Tuesday, I will present a memory, and song I associate with this memory then ask you to share your musical memory as well.

One of my happy places is in the tub. Whether I take a shower or bath, I always enjoy listening to great music while I refresh and unwind. Sometimes I read (if I have a book I can’t put down), and sometimes I write (if I have a story I can’t stop working on), but most times I have a playlist and I go to my happy place.

So this week, I’m asking you to share a song you enjoy listening to in the tub. A soaking song or a scrubbing tune, whichever you prefer.

This tune can get you going or mellow…

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High Roller

For Fandango’s Story Starter #10, where we build something around the following phrase:

My hair stood on end, a shiver raced down my spine, and a lump came to my throat when I…
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inspired by Fandango’s One Word Challenge (FOWC) of 7 September 2021, frenetic.

There once was a woman called Dee,
While enjoying her afternoon tea,
Started jerking frenetic,
Making leaps energetic,
When was stung on the nose by a bee.

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For Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #134, where we write about the image below, from Pinterest.

A picture containing grass, outdoor, nature, smoke

Description automatically generated

Chris wore a smug expression on his unshaven face, and no wonder. For today, his new Alexxxa 6000 had been delivered. For the first time, Amazon had pulled out the stops, to deliver an adult-specific version of its smart device. A real leap in artificial intelligence, Chris had secured one of the first production models, and though she had cost him four months’ salary, he was convinced she wasa sound investment.

His clammy hands trembled as he meticulously unwrapped the large package, being careful not to cause any damage – he wanted it to be in A1 condition when he finally got to use it.

When, at last, he was done, Chris set his new Alexxxa down to charge, for the 6000 was the first rechargeable model, which did not need to be permanently tethered to the wall. She could be recharged simply by placing the discreetly concealed contacts in the proximity of a charging plate.

While Alexxxa still showed red, Chris had time to kill, and he shuffled through to the kitchen to prepare his favourite sandwich, pastrami on rye. His long, dark, greasy hair flopped over his eyes as he sliced the pickled cucumber, momentarily obscuring his vision.

Returning to the lounge, he had just finished the last morsel of sandwich when he noticed Alexxxa turn to green. The moment of truth.

Wiping his bristly mouth, Chris impatiently cleared his throat.

“Alexxxa, tell me about the weather for tomorrow.”

“Tomorrow in London it will be mostly sunny, with an overnight low of 10°, and an expected high of 25°. There is a 0-5% chance of rain.”

So far, so good, but Chris had greater plans for Alexxxa.

“Alexxxa”, he croaked in trepidation, hardly daring to believe that his wildest dreams were about to come true. Waiting half a second, he continued, “go and fit your raunchy head, then get undressed and wait for me in bed.”

As an afterthought, Chris added “Oh. And Alexa? Set an alarm for when you are ready.”

There was a tiny hint of self-satisfaction on Chris’s voice as he removed his track suit bottoms.

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