Blunt Instrument

When my pencil broke
I tried to write anyway
But it was pointless.

Terrible Twos

inspired by Fandango’s One Word Challenge (FOWC) of 1 September 2021, ingrate.

The crying young infant was sore,
So mum pulled dummy out of the drawer,
but this nasty young ingrate,
Just made herself irate,
As she spat it out onto the floor.

Oh god, flashback time. We were on vacation in Arles (brilliant, van Gogh once lived there), in the south of France, pushing Baby Bump around, when this happened. We were trying to wean her off dummies/pacifiers but… any port in a storm.

In this town were nobody spoke any English, I was faced with this hunt for any pharmacy which might sell them, plus a crash course in Baby French once I got there. I never forgot sucette.

Prompt image for the Fandango One Word Challenge prompt


Most of you probably don’t realise that I volunteer for a charity by calling needy people. Mostly I don’t mention it because it’s so mundane. But the calls help the clients and, in a way, they keep me sane too.

Yesterday, however, I had two pretty mindblowing calls in just a single session.

Call #1, the client has just been told they have cancer. As in, they felt unwell, went to the ER, they did some tests, found traces of the cancer. It’s still early days because they don’t yet know how bad all this is. The particular cancer, I discovered from Mrs Bump, is often referred to as a silent killer because it is often not detected until too late. But on the plus side, their blood was cancer-free, so the cancer is hopefully confined so far just to one, non-vital organ

It set up a weird situation. I’m working on behalf of the charity, the client has told me but at the same time has said explicitly that they do not wish for the charity to know. So it sets up this kinda conflict of interest. First time that’s happened.

I mean, it’s a no-brainer to resolve – the client takes priority – but it’s just interesting that this never happened before.

As if that wasn’t enough for one day, Call #2, the client told me that the local council are initiating some court action to take control of their financial affairs, because they don’t think they’re competent.

My gut feel is that I’m not sure they’re fully competent, either, but my feelings aren’t particularly relevant. The client themself is very anti-, which is understandable. So I can at least feel some empathy that this is something they really don’t want.

Several of the things they said in our chat did not make sense. I picked up on this and suggested that their first conversation should be with a lawyer, so they understand exactly what is going on.

Interesting here that the client’s first reaction was to bury their head in the sand. But I think they need to have full awareness of what’s going on, because they’re going to need to fight it. It all felt very reminiscent of when our do-gooding social workers decided to accuse me of child abuse. You don’t need to push too hard and they will fold, but you do need to push some. After you scratch the surface, you usually don’t find too many brain cells.

All in all, I was glad when yesterday finished and I could relax.

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