Brain the Size of a Planet

inspired by Fandango’s One Word Challenge (FOWC) of 30 September 2021, forehead. I know, I already wrote one today, but that couplet on L3/4 just came to me as I was reading other responses, so I built the limerick.

I once asked a robot called Floyd,
Complex question he’d rather avoid,
He got so overloaded,
That its forehead exploded,
And alas, my poor droid was destroyed.

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Reblog: Birthday Wishes – Marc Bolan

I try not to repost material from the music blog I’m involved with any more. I figure you all know I’m involved with it, and if it sounds interesting to you, you’ll already follow it.

But I just wanted to share this T. Rex track, which is such good fun. It would have been Marc Bolan’s 74th birthday today.

Songshine Sounds

On 30 September, 1947, the wonderful Marc Bolan came into the world.

From Billy Elliot.

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No lunch, I was starved.
But shrimp would not share sandwich,
Was shellfish, I thought

Hung Over

inspired by Fandango’s One Word Challenge (FOWC) of 30 September 2021, forehead.

Was not even a night out astounding,
I was normally good at rebounding,
But I woke the next day,
Bedroom started to sway,
And on forehead jackhammer kept pounding.

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inspired by Fandango’s One Word Challenge (FOWC) of 29 September 2021, composition.

When they took to the boats for their lives,
They were joined by a man, oversize,
And his stout composition,
Did not help their position,
When his bulk made the lifeboat capsize.

Prompt image for the Fandango One Word Challenge prompt

The Coop

In the downpour, the hens
Prefer on to in.

in response to Misky’s Twiglet

The Drifter

For Fandango’s Story Starter #13, where we build something around the following phrase:

Cold and wet, tired and exhausted, she…

She was born with a whimper. A simple result of physics, as her mass became too great, her bonds too weak. Slowly, gently, she slipped away from her mother, destined for her solitary life of adventure.

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Murder on the Dance Floor?

Over on Songshine Sounds, Where Were You Tuesday today asks:

What road trip song takes you back to those unforgettable drives?

In terms of drives we took as a child, the only lengthy trips we took were our annual vacations. In all my childhood years there were only three destinations:

  • Yorkshire Dales
  • Scottish Borders
  • North Wales

Of those three, we went to the Dales and the Borders maybe twice each, and all the other times ended up in the town of Llanrwst.

With no previous association there, my parents went there on their honeymoon, and then a few years later, when I came along, it became the family holiday destination. Every year for about ten years!

I can see a certain attraction in going to the same place every year, getting to know somewhere intimately, but it’s not a path I followed myself. When I became a husband and dad, we never went to the same place twice! We always vowed to, but never did.

The thing about my childhood holidays, we never even had a cassette player in the car in those days. We had an old MW radio. So the notion of having road songs? Forget it!

So, I’m going to fast forward to the days when my daughter was a toddler, when we absolutely had lots of music. In fact we had various CDs purely of children’s TV themes, to keep her amused.

One year, we drove down to the south of France. About a thousand miles, and with a young daughter, I think it took us maybe four days. We had a rule that we would only spend about 4 hours per day driving, as she was so young.

Mostly, she slept. But, when she awoke, she was grouchy. So we put this CD on for her.

At that time, one of the few words in her vocabulary was “again”. So can you imagine how bloody irritating this song became, when played over and over fifty times?

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