The Master’s Apprentice

For Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #132, where we write about the image below, from Kate Trifo at Pexels.

A picture containing grass, outdoor, nature, smoke

Description automatically generated

“Here. This place should do”, indicated Jordan, as he and Melissa reached a cornflower blue pickup truck. 300 metres away from the Hartford Sailing Club. Looking back, Melissa could not help but notice several million dollars’ worth of Lamborghinis and Ferraris in its car park. She smirked as she thought of the tears that would be in the eye of the insurance company.

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Double Whammy

My best friend caught VD from a fling,
Then his missus decided to sling,
With his useless attourney,
He has left not a penny,
You might say he is feeling the sting!

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