Who Won the Week (18 July 2021)

In response to Fandango’s Who Won the Week posts, I have been looking at my own newsfeeds.

This is a story very much in progress, so I’m not sure whether I’m talking about someone who won the week or who lost it.

Let me tell you about my odyssey.


Life through the Lens (18 July 2021)

When my eyesight was still good, I was a bit of an amateur photographer. This is one of mine.

image showing a silhouette of a camera

I just liked this town. it reminds me of my frequent cycling trips to France – this is called Arromanches, in Normandy, right by the D-Day beaches. Arromanches was known in its own right for being the site of an artificial Mulberry harbour, which the allies used to disembark men and materiel before they captured any proper harbours in France, and its remnants can still be seen a little way out to sea today.

A photo of Arromanches in Normandy

This is not a remarkable image but it was appropriate to run alongside the news that I will hopefully be visiting Arromanches once again for the second half of the week.

I will have some devices with me but have no idea whether there will be time, wi-fi or willpower to be active on WordPress. My planned posts are already scheduled, I hope to read some of yours, but I have no specific plans to write spontaneously while I am there.

I’ll say more this evening.

Spick and Span

inspired by Fandango’s One Word Challenge (FOWC) of 18 July 2021, thorough.

A street-cleaner friend from Alsace,
Kept his home looking spotless, first class,
Meticulous, thorough,
As he tidied the borough,
Then at night slept with broom up his ass.

Prompt image for the Fandango One Word Challenge prompt

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