Hanging up my Cleats

This is my response to the earlier Flashback Track Friday prompt, where today we are thrown Andante, Andante by Abba and asked to answer:

As which musical term would you describe yourself?

Actually this is pretty easy for me, although I did veer.



inspired by Fandango’s One Word Challenge (FOWC) of of 28 May 2021, spartan.

A brave-hearted Scotsman unwise,
For a rest, sat in glen, felt surprised,
Wearing underwear spartan,
Beneath kilted tartan,
When a thistle brought tears to his eyes.

Prompt image for the Fandango One Word Challenge prompt

Reblog: Flashback Track Friday #18 – Andante

We just posted our latest Friday prompt question on our new blog, Songshine Sounds. A very mellow ABBA track, followed by a question which might just have me scratching my head a little.

Songshine Sounds

Welcome once again to Flashback Track Friday. Each week, either KK or Mister Bump will present a song to you, and out of that song, will prompt you with a question.

There was a time when the cool kids did not like ABBA. I know because, aged twelve, I joined the ABBA Fan Club. I wasn’t in it for long – they split just after. I’m not even sure what I did, and my subsequent enquiry went unanswered.

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