No Cigar

inspired by Fandango’s One Word Challenge (FOWC) of of 27 May 2021, search.

At my nearby art gallery,
For exhibits they issued a plea,
They searched high and low,
For an artist to show,
And then, lo and behold, they chose the guy down the road.

Prompt image for the Fandango One Word Challenge prompt

Biblical Proportions

I always had a clear demarcation between “work” and “play”, and, for me, blogging was very much “play”. It had to be 100% fun, I’m certainly not out to be judged a better writer than anyone else.

So I’ve always shied away from competitions and the like, because that adds a level of seriousness which makes me uncomfortable.

Until last night. Someone tipped me the wink to this prompt. The advocate said it was purely for fun, although I don’t know enough to agree or disagree with that. The organisers say they will choose an entry to republish someplace, which sounded eerily competitionny to me.

Anyway I had an immediate idea so I thought “what the hell?”. The challenge was to come up with a 100-word flash themed on the following image:

“Have you nothing better to do?” chided Mrs God, noting Mr God absent-mindedly toying with a ball of plasticine. Anxious to regain some peace, Mr God rose, and strode to his dusty workshop, where he remained for the next six days.

On the seventh, Mr God reappeared. “What have you been doing?”, demanded his wife. “Making a small model. Here”, he showed his wife. “I’m going to call it a ‘world’ and look, I even made some inhabitants – I thought I might play dice with them. I’ll call them ‘humans’.”

“But boy”, he added wearily, “now I need some rest”.

It was a May prompt so I had to write it down pretty quickly, but if anybody out there fancies having a go, they are at