Reblog: Tiny Tuesday #5

Yesterday, KK shared another micro-concert. I must admit I’d never heard of this guy but here is a three-song set, all of which are pleasant. The song that got to me though was the last one.

Some of the lyrics in this one include “billionaires not paying taxes”, “no money for schooling or adequate healthcare”, “but it’s funny how this money will go into war”. All good principles. It kinda makes me wonder how many of us sit in our homes and think about these things? This guy has at least put his thoughts to music for us all to enjoy.

I’m repost the lot, because it is an enjoyable listen, but if you’re pressed for time, the last song starts around 5:50 in the video or That last song lasts just over 3 minutes.

Songshine Sounds

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If you’re anything like us, you’re missing your regular drip of live music to keep you going. Luckily, lots of mini-concerts are still happening online, and we can tune into to get an intimate musical fix.

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Peace Be With You

inspired by Fandango’s One Word Challenge (FOWC) of of 19 May 2021, upper.

A clergyman from Upper Volta
Was so tired in his service he faltered,
As he gave out the blessing,
His flock started guessing,
When they heard gentle snores from the altar.

Prompt image for the Fandango One Word Challenge prompt