The Best

for the Weekly Prompts Weekend Challenge of 15 May 2021,last week.

I was stuck for a response this week until I lemembered I had bought four of these from eBay.

Photograph of a large mug of tea.

That’s a pint mug, and it contains freshly-made tea, so you can guess what I will be doing for the next… while. Ahhhhhh, ‘scuse me.

Rushed off my Feet

inspired by Fandango’s One Word Challenge (FOWC) of of 15 May 2021, nincompoopnd.

I was leaving my house at a pace,
But I went without tying my lace,
I stepped onto the drive,
I began to nosedive,
And I tripped over flat on my face.

Prompt image for the Fandango One Word Challenge prompt


This is my response to the earlier Flashback Track Friday prompt, where today we are thrown the track Wah Wah and asked to answer:

What conversation would you like to have with your parents, that you never had yet?

I set the prompt this week and I already offered an answer from my point of view. So I thought I’d answer it from my daughter’s perspective. While I had an averagely close relationship to my mother, she and my daughter were inseparable, and when Grandma died, it hit my daughter, just eleven at the time, very hard. So I’ve tried to construct my poem as an eleven-year-old might to describe that event.

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