One Last Job (1)

For Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #117, where we write about this photo from MilosCreativeArt at DeviantArt.

Before I start, here’s the thing. I had an idea for this, started writing, and when I was done I was at about 1,100 words. Give or take, that’s an 11 minute post, and way, way longer than I am happy to publish. So my plan is to post the first chunk today, to tease you all, then to publish the rest tomorrow.

Officially, they were retired. Moved lock, stock and two smoking barrels out to the Costa del Crime, to enjoy their ill-gotten gains in sunny opulence.

But greed had tempted them back. Del and Rodney, those unlikeliest of brothers – Del, short stocky, five foot nothing, and Rodney, a 6’5” beanpole, had agreed on one last job. And who could resist? A bank, bloated from a weekend’s takings? And a holiday weekend to boot – an extra day before the cash was scurried away to head office?

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inspired by Fandango’s One Word Challenge (FOWC) of of 10 May 2021, fish.

A young man, who was nought but a nipper,
Got excited for seeing a stripper,
But expecting hot groover,
Found just paint remover,
As his mates stiched him up like a kipper.

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Reblog: New Music Monday #4

KK just shared this new track on our music blog site, Songshine Sounds.

New music is very much KK’s department, but I did like this catchy tune from Ashe, whom I’d vaguely heard of.

One of my friends the other day mentioned about how they never listen to new music, and I can easily relate to that, but here is a fun track to maybe start?

Songshine Sounds

Does your spirit crave the new? I know mine does. So every Monday, I will feature a new song that wasn’t even in existence the week before. Yes, it’s true. Great new music is still being made every week. I will mix up the genres and artists to keep the surprises coming.

Ashlyn Rae Willson, better known as Ashe, is an American singer and songwriter whose latest album, Ashlyn, is about relationships, and how they can go wrong. The album features the track “Me Without You” that talks about co-dependence, learning to retain your individuality while at the same time being a part of a couple.

Ashe, who went through a divorce three years ago, said in a recent interview that she “… wouldn’t call it a breakup album. I’d definitely say it’s an album about my life, it’s about my experiences and failed relationships are a…

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New Beginning

It seems dumb, especially in this day and age, that people are differentiated by melanin, but as recently as May 10, 1994, South Africa drove the final nail into the coffin of the apartheid era by, for the first time, holding elections in which the majority of its population was permitted to vote.

The man elected was Nelson Mandela.