for the Weekly Prompts Weekend Challenge of 8 May 2021, spooky.

A new school attendee in Lahore,
Counted easily up to a score,
While it was indeed spooky,
To find such a sharp cookie,
He said, “Shall I go on? I know more.”

The Glue

inspired by Fandango’s One Word Challenge (FOWC) of of 8 May 2021, dexterity.

First she cooks and she vacuums, can’t shirk,
Then she home-schools the child, a young Turk,
When we make the mistake,
Of suggesting a break,
She says “Sorry, I must leave for work”

Priority #1. I wanted avoid a Hallmark Holiday, which is a license only to print money. But..

Priority #2, I wanted to say something to all the moms out there.

How you juggle so many irons in the fire, and pop out functioning human beings at the end of the process, leaves me gaping in awe.

Prompt image for the Fandango One Word Challenge prompt

FPQ (5 May 2021) – the Serious Side

Fandango’s Provocative Question this week was a bunch of questions, and I already responded with a spoofy response here. But there was one question in the pack which, I think, deserved a serious answer, and having read several answers over the last few days, nobody gave it.

4. Apples or oranges?

The serious answer to this is, I’m afraid, nothing to do with personal taste. If people answer according to personal taste, that just highlights why the world is in the state it is in.

The real answer to this question surrounds water consumption. And in most of our climates, an orange consumes much more water, as it grows, than an apple. Apples grow in climates where there is generally water around anyway, they make use of natural irrigation. Oranges, generally, require artificial irrigation. And therefore all the infrastructure required to make irrigation possible. Not to mention all that fresh water that must be pumped in from someplace else.

Take these things into account and the answer is a no-brainer. In the UK and Ireland anyhow.

I’m sure there are exceptions. I’m sure, if someone gets their apples flown in from another continent, that makes a difference to their footprint.

M&S, here, used to get their Red Delicious apples flown from the USA to the UK. They might still do this, for all I know – check the origin when you are next in. In my book, anybody who flies a basic, domestic foodstuff so far, does not give a stuff about the environment, just about getting their hands on your cash. *Not* to buy something is the easiest decision we can make.

This is the general case.

So please, if you have never considered water when you have made your choice, you should be. It is a choice you are already making, whether you are aware of it or not.