Letters to the Editor – 3 May 2021

Dear Sir,

As the UK’s vaccine programme is now moving into fifth gear, would it not be a good idea to begin splitting our daily death total, and indeed our totals for new infections and hospital admissions, into two columns: those who have been vaccinated and those who have not?

This approach will give each of us indicators of both the effectiveness of vaccines in general, plus the robustness of the process that approved them so quickly, based on empirical data rather than manufacturers’ press releases.

Yours faithfully,

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Reblog: New Music Monday #3

KK just shared a new track on our blog Songshine Sounds. The idea of her “New Music Monday” track is simply, that this track did not exist even a week ago.

I thought this was a very pleasant listen, the kind of track I’d maybe like to have on in the background. But boy, what a heavy subject! What do you reckon?

Songshine Sounds

Does your spirit crave the new? I know mine does. So every Monday, I will feature a new song that wasn’t even in existence the week before. Yes, it’s true. Great new music is still being made every week. I will mix up the genres and artists to keep the surprises coming.

This week, alternative rock band, Lord Huron, released its latest acoustic track, “I Lied,” which features singer/songwriter Allison Ponthier. The song will appear on the band’s 4th album, Long Lost, set to be released May 21st.

Essentially, this song is a letter written from a husband to his wife in which he reveals his desire to dissolve the marriage. Later in the song, Ponthier offers the wife’s perspective: “I read your letter in the morning by the lake and I cried / They were tears of joy, my chains are finally broken / I made a vow…

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The New Model

inspired by Fandango’s One Word Challenge (FOWC) of of 3 May 2021, aspect.

She arrived on the scene like a quake,
She had breasts that made every man ache,
Though her aspect excited,
Great passion ignited,
If they only but knew they were fake!

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