Would you like to see where Mrs Bump and I went today? This is Mudefore in Dorset, UK.

Reblog: New Music Monday #2

Okay, so yesterday I described KK’s taste as impeccable.

Do you reckon that still holds?

Songshine Sounds

Does your spirit crave the new? I know mine does. So every Monday, I will feature a new song for your listening pleasure. Yes, it’s true. Great new music is still being made every week. I will mix up the genres and artists to keep the surprises coming.

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Medical Advances

inspired by Fandango’s One Word Challenge (FOWC) of of 26 April 2021, vagrant.

In the olden days, surgeon was curious,
If electric could spark a life spurious,
So he kidnapped itinerant,
To conduct an experiment,
But the guy he abducted was furious!

Soon as I saw today’s word, I remembered we had had a very similar rhyme, flagrant, only a few weeks ago so I went off in a slightly darker direction today.

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