Dinner Date

inspired by Fandango’s One Word Challenge (FOWC) of 20 April 2021, such.

One minute, he was seated in love mode,
Next, he dashed fot the loo, gonna explode.
But such was his state,
‘Cos those oysters he ate,
Had contained a mysterious payload

Game Changer

For Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #114, where we write about this photo from Pixabay.

He pushed his pen away and let out a long sigh. It had to be done. It was time to cut and run. Why did they always end up doing the things that *she* wanted to do? And why, last week, did she arrange a night out for them with her friends, to clash with his planned night out with his own buddies? Okay, in the grand scheme of things, a tiny burden, but in Rory’s case, it finally tipped the scales.

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