Thought I’d post some screenshots of the app I’ve been working on. It seems to hang together but the next stage is to test it properly.

Another thing I need to do is prepare the web page for it, so I knocked up some ficticious records and this is what I came up with.

The main screen is split into two tabs. First, the meds you’re on currently:

and second, a list of all the meds you were *ever* on:

The way you add and remove meds from the list is using the “Add” dialog.

The neat thing about this dialog is that it allows you to part-type a name, then scurries off to find all matching meds in either the UK or the USA. I’ll probably add more countries as I go on – the EU is a prime candidate but right now, they’ll still be in sync with the UK. The drugs above, I haven’t a clue what any of them do, but they are all officially prescribed by our NHS.

This was actually surprisingly easy to write, but a real pita to search for the information. It is all publicly-available, but they don’t make it easy. One medical company quoted me thousands for just the UK data, and here I am bundling it into a piece of freeware. What good value 🤣

That’s basically it. It’s meant so that you can keep your own record on your own PC. But, if you do want to share the information with anybody, it has a PDF export function which produces the following kind-of thing.

So now I suppose I’d better start testing the bloody thing. Meh, tomorrow.

Fandango’s Provocative Question (24 February 2021)

Today’s Provocative Question, Fandango asks:

How’s your sex life?

Oh, wow, a nice simple one today. The question at any rate. But I see he’s added the constraint that we can’t say things like “fine” or “non-existent”, either of which I might have been tempted to use.

So, let’s put some thought in.

Three things happened to me, in the space of a couple of years. First, my diabetes started to have noticeable effects. I’m particularly referring to serious stuff like my eyes, but it also affected sex.

Second, we had all the grief with my daughter – many readers will never have heard of my daughter, I minimise her in the blog, but I have posted about her in the past. Funnily enough my “Who Won The Week” planned for Sunday mentions her, too. Yes, I’m just *that* organised, to have a winner planned several days in advance!

Third, there was the stroke.

Now, I wasn’t keeping notes about what happened when, but these three events combined left me (i) unable and (ii) uninterested.

I’d describe myself as asexual. I’m cool with that, and Mrs Bump says she is cool with that too. I think she is secretly relieved that all the groping has stopped. (Most of it, anyway. But she’s quicker than me now, so I have to be stealthy!)

It’s good just to chat pleasantly to people these days. And if you’re nice to people, most of them tend to be nice back. That’s enough now.

First Date

inspired by Fandango’s One Word Challenge (FOWC) of 24 February 2021, retreat.

As it turned out, her date was from hell,
When she sniffed out an unpleasant smell,
From his odorous feet,
She bid hasty retreat,
And it took her a week to get well.

Lidies, did you meet this guy? 🤣

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