Two warnings, actually, because this is a bit more crude that my usual attempts at poetry. So buyer beware. Inspired by Paula’s Thursday Inspo #95, where she prompts with this image:.

He had pissed off his girl in the ghetto,
So she hit him in groin with stiletto,
Got him right in the sac,
And his bollocks turned black,
And since then he’s been singing falsetto.

Hopefully the women out there, at least, are chuckling! (The men are probably wincing.)

The Power of Prayer

inspired by Fandango’s One Word Challenge (FOWC) of 11 February 2021, welfare.

She was crossing the road in Bordeaux,
When a nun saw an accident flow,
Showing care for vic’s welfare,
She recited the Lord’s Prayer,
But the bus killed him dead, even so.

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