The Preacher

for the Weekly Prompts Weekend Challenge of 23 January 2021, path. The prompt today just screamed “religion” at me. My primary belief is “whatever floats your boat”, that people should come to their own conclusions, but as for me, no thank you. Phrases like “you’ll be rewarded in heaven” all have ulterior motives, to control.

The prospect leaves us horrified,
Who knows what happens wen we die?
Will we face heaven, so light and clean,
with angels graceful, proud, serene?

Or will you go the other way?
The devil comes to lock away,
Condemned to see our days unending
A liturgy of doom impending.

But wait, my friend, I have good news,
You’re not to late, but there’s no time to lose,
I can lead you to the light,
I can make your pathway bright.

For, yes, my friend, I can disclose,
That I am one of those who knows,
That I am one of those who’s seen,
What paradise can actually mean.

No matter what your present state,
Your soul will flourish if you wait,
Just come along and follow me,
For I have known the truth, you see.

You see, my friend, I am the rock,
The shepherd who is guarding flock,
My role in life to show the way,
To hold you steady, lest you sway.

I live a simple life, with thrift,
Appreciate your every gift,
It helps me go and spread the word,
To those whose vision is still blurred.

So come and choose the path, my friend,
Live by my rules until the end,
I’m by your side to see you fledge,
We’ll meet once more in heav’n, I pledge.

Had His Chips

inspired by Fandango’s One Word Challenge (FOWC) of 23 January 2021, reverie.

When the Duc de Pommes Frites met his fate,
The excited crowd did celebrate,
Such spectacular reverie,
At occasion so severy,
As they chopped off the poor old duke’s pate.