Close Encounters

From Mars, we received visitation,
But the President was on vacation,
A quick-thinking child,
Went right up to him, smiled,
And presented him with a carnation.

Out of the Blue

Wow. I was sitting here coding away, when I got a phone call from Mrs Bump. If you remember, she is a nurse at the local surgery.

Apparently, the surgery have been given a small amount of vaccines to e.g. vaccinate the local nursing home. Well, they did that, and had some doses to spare. The vials containing the vaccine are supposed to contain eight doses, but some contain as many as eleven, so it is a bit imprecise.

Now, knowing that, what I would have done is to come up with some kind of “standby” list, of vulnerable people who were able to visit the surgery at short notice.. Because once prepped, the vaccine must be administered within a few hours, or it is useless

But… organisation? NHS?

The upshot is that 45 minutes ago I got a call from my wife. Because they unexpectedly had some spare doses, they first vaccinated staff (so, my wife got her jab) and then put the call out to family members.

So, 20 minutes ago, I got mine. First dose, at any rate.

Upper arm, and must have been a tiny needle because I hardly felt it go in.

In the UK, this was the vaccine we commonly call the Oxford vaccine. International readers might know it better as the AstraZeneca vaccine.


Six hours later. Both my wife and I have felt a slight burning sensation on the site of the vaccine, but as far as I am concerned, I wouldn’t even describe it as “uncomfortable”. She has also mentioned a slight nausea, but I have felt nothing.

A True Story

inspired by Fandango’s One Word Challenge (FOWC) of 22 January 2021, snitch.

By behaving in manner slapdash,
The franchise had made lots of cash,
But their ruse hit a glitch,
When am employee snitched,
And it then felt consumers’ backlash

Image refers to:

  1. horsemeat being sold as beefburgers,
  2. building and fire regulations
  3. railway franchises
  4. the award of PPE contracts

most of which, unfortunately, have no real backlash.

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