I’ve read a few pretty agitated posts this morning, some of the authors surprised me as I don’t normally think of them as firebrands.

I think the US now needs to decide where its priority lies. Righting the wrongs? or, gaining some revenge against the perpetrators?

It seems prudent that step should be taken to limit Trump’s influence for his remaining few days in office. But beyond that, where is it going to focus its energies? On the old or the new?

Make no mistake – the more important, this is either/or.


The first time my heart went kaboom,
She had come here to decorate room,
So serene and alluring,
As emulsion was pouring,
Not to mention white spirit perfume.

The Horticultural Show

inspired by Fandango’s One Word Challenge (FOWC) of 9 January 2021, ravishing.

Making onlookers stop dead,
The frazzled old judge lost his head,
He started to ravish
The prize-winning radish,
Which, mildly embarrassed, turned red.