2020… 2021

As I sit back and hear Big Ben peal,
I reflect on a year of surreal,
One where black became white,
And where day became night,
Now let’s see what next year will reveal.

Crashed and Burned

inspired by Paula’s Thursday Inspo #88, where she prompts with this image:.

It was New Year’s Eve,
And I could not believe.
This beauty in front of my eyrs,
Having zero regard,
I thought long and thought hard,
For some plan to cross paths must devise.

Having overcome nerves,
Summoned all my reserves,
Could not stop ’til success I had tasted,
She looked up and down,
And then started to frown,
And said “sorry, my dear, but you’re wasted


inspired by Fandango’s One Word Challenge (FOWC) of 31 December 2020, galvanized.

After using my shiny new wrench,
I then left it outside in rain on a bench,
What I’d thought galvanised,
Was instead oxidised,
And would never get over the drench.

This can’t just have been me, right?