Well Earned

Santa’s resting, the day after christmas,
He’s so thrilled to have passed his great test,
He kicks off his boots,
And climbs out of his suit,
And said “Bugger me, I need a rest.”


No poem today, I’m afraid, I an still a bit freaked out by yesterday.

I woke up yesterday and, quite abruptly, the vision in one of my eyes was a bit blurred. It’s glaucoma caused by diabetes. I’ve talked to specialists about this, and, as regards prevention, the unanimous opinion is “control your blood sugar”.

The thing is, I do control my sugar. At least, I do since the stroke. And things had been goig so well. There was never any hope of “improvement”, but certainly of halting the decline.

So I woke up yesterday and this had happened. There was no pain involved, but as you can imagine, it freaked me out.

Out of that eye, I can still “see” things in a macroscopic sense, I can still see everything around me, it’s just a bit blurred, but I lose things like writing – and the computer screen. With both eyes, I can still read e.g. WordPress, but I have upped the magnification from 120% (because my eyes weren’t brilliant anyway) to the next level up, 133%. With that, I can read things like the editor, but not so much people’s comments. For other people’s posts, I always found it easier to listen anyway, but that doesn’t work for comments. And, well, this post looks okay, doesn’t it?

So there we are.

i guess this fits Fandango’s One Word Challenge (FOWC) of 26 December 2020, abrupt.

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