Better Days… for Real

inspired by Fandango’s One Word Challenge (FOWC) of 25 December 2020, itinerary.

I was planning a nice quiet christmas,
I was planning on acting the clown,
But I’m sorry, I don’t feel so well today,
Best thing might be just to shut down.

I’m sorry. Of all the days, I did not plan for this. I was planning just a normal day, with parts of it checking WordPress, but I don’t feel so good this morning. So, you might say my itinerary changed.

It isn’t COVID – how can it be? I haven’t been in contact with anybody, not even close contact with my wife. In addition, I don’t match any of the symptoms.

It’s funny that I spent a lot of time reflecting after the stroke – that for many years we can put our health on the backburner, and then sooner or later it just catches up and dominates us. It’s funny because I had thought that my health was recovered well enough to be relegated to the backburner once again, but not today…

I’ll try to get back on, if I’m feeling better later.

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