Who Ate All the (Mince) Pies?

A mad dash for Santa this evening,
All through the night, nip and tuck,
In chimney, saw Santa’s boots gleaming,
“Help Me”, cries Santa, “I’m stuck!”

Start The Day

inspired by Paula’s Thursday Inspo #88, breakfast.

When it’s breakfast, can’t beat something fried,
Maybe bacon and egg, toast on side,
With some sauce, straight from pot,
Mug of tea, steaming hot,
This alone will make hunger subside.

Better Days

inspired by Fandango’s One Word Challenge (FOWC) of 24 December 2020, great.

One last epic before Christmas Day,
Write a rhyme I could never downplay,
But my ink got all cloggy,
My paper all soggy,
And my spectacles I have mislaid!