Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #97

For Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #97, where we write about this photo from lovini at Pixabay:


He enjoyed a deep soak in the bathtub,
He coiffed his hair, and styled his fringe,
Had high expectations for nightclub,
‘Cos all the girls worship a ginge!

I know, I know. You were expecting some Flash Fiction, weren’t you? Sorry, the last thing I felt like wtiting about today was christmas. I’ll leave that to everyone else. Sorry to disappoint…

Saving Graces

The last few days, several bloggers have mentioned the subject of Sponsored Posts. At first, I wondered what they were on about. Then, I happened to look at a blog in the Reader and saw, indeed, that the next post on the screen was by somebody I’d never heard of. In quite indistinguishable text, it said “sponsored post”. So I “got” what was happening.

I read posts almost exclusively through the notifications window. That little bell in the top-right of the screen. When somebody – free or not – posts something new, it tags a notification onto that list.

That list does not contain anything sponsored.

If you have a free plan, when you publish a post, a link to your post appears in my list. Just like it always did.

And, when I follow the link in my notification, it takes me straight to your post. None of this sponsored rubbish. I’d only see Sponsored Posts if I went to the front page of your blog and then manually navigated to your post. I am unlikely to use the site in that way.

Okay, this does mean that somebody could find your blog from a Google search, and would get all this Sponsored Post crap, but be honest – who is more likely to read your post? a passer-by, or me?

The Sick Note

inspired by Fandango’s One Word Challenge (FOWC) of 21 December 2020, inept.

I’ve gotten into the habit of writing a funny little poem for this prompt, but there’s no way I could even come close on this one. Enjoy the Dubs.