One of the things I like these days about the inter-connected world is that it is so easy to reminisce about places I know and love.

I spent a very enjoyable lunchtime listening to a few internet radio channels. Two stations I used to love were Chérie FM (France) and Tipp FM (Ireland).

Chérie is a slick operation. It’s a national station with local outlets. We got into listening to it when we first used to go over to France, mainly because we liked the music.

Tipp is a lot more local. Just bog-standard music, but the reason I like it is when they mention all the local places that I know – I shut my eyes, and I’m there. Clonmell, Thurles, Nenagh…

Incidentally, Nenagh is very near to where Shane MacGowan hails from. He once sang with Kirsty MacColl, who died twenty years ago today. Enjoy.


Sorry, no flashback Friday post again this week, so I’m a bit of a fraud but please, head on over to Fandango’s blog for other people’s flashbacks. What is the world coming to?

My post this week is related to Fandango’s, however. I wasn’t going to say anything, but since he raised the subject of shampoo…

Above is my current shampoo. Smells lovely! If they sell it where you are, you should try some.

Eagle-eyed readers will notice that the bottle proudly boasts 3-in-1. Not only will it shampoo my head, but it will condition it, and cleanse my body too. I feel as if christmas has come early!

I have just one question. What’s the difference?

One part of it cleans my hair. Another part of it conditions my hair. Yet another cleans my body. So how are all three different?

Okay, I’m not totally stupid. I’ve been using conditioner for years, and I know that’s different to shampoo. One, well, shampoos and the other conditions. So let’s take that off the table.

But what is the difference between hair wash and body wash? A healthy dose of marketing?

All That Glitters

One ancestor, so I was told,
Met a bear while prospecting for gold,
The grizzly thought “lunch”,
And attacked with a crunch,
Ensured ancestor never grew old.


There’s some more of this family nonsense here:

The Beautiful Game

inspired by Fandango’s One Word Challenge (FOWC) of 18 December 2020, adroit.

While attemption to reach a new high,
The team’s bright new star caught the eye,
His footwork adroit,
Would defences exploit,
Leaving flat on their ass he skipped by.

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