The Land of Milk and Honey

Since some years, I have been corresponding with a relative in Australia by email.

When we started lockdown, it was apparent that things were very different between us. When I talked about lockdown, I was talking about not going out for a month on end, or relying on online grocery deliveries to stay stocked. She meant things like social distancing when she was going for a coffee or a haircut.

And that’s not really surprising. The number of COVID cases here, even in just the few square miles of our village, is comparable with the number of cases in her entire state.

But funny, today, she talked about christmas lights, of all things. She said that the whole of her street was bedecked in lights, that even they had made an effort, and that one guy had really gone to town.

We’re not talking about indoor decorations which you might hang on your tree, or in the windowframe, here. These are heavy-duty, outside lights, that you might drape over your house or garden.

It’s very different to here. I mean, you can buy those lights if you want, you can spend money powering them, but people tend not to. I think people here are generally aware that lights equate to avoidable power consumption, and most of us therefore abstain. Maybe we have “environment” drummed into us here, and that happens less in Australia? Dunno. Never been there, so I can’t really make a comparison.

So, I just wondered – we are all from different necks of the woods on here, so what tends to happen where you live?

Food Junkie

inspired by Fandango’s One Word Challenge (FOWC) of 12 December 2020, lionize.

When drooling ’bout your next fast food,
Remember, fried chicken ain’t good,
So do not lionize,
Big Mac and French Fries,
Not to mention those ribs barbecued.

How NOT to Win Friends

I haven’t yet mentioned my mate,
Who came to his end on a date,
He mentioned her tum,
And her oversized bum,
So she sat on him, caused him deflate!

There’s some more of this family nonsense here: