Anyone Else Notice This?

If I decide to respond to a prompt, one I already responded to in the last few weeks, I’ll scroll down my list of posts and hit “copy”.

So, a new post comes up, a straight copy of the first. It has all the graphics/categories/tags set up already, but of course I need to then write my actual response.

The other thing I do is to update my hyperlink back to the thing I’m responding to, because that link’s gonna be a different page on the prompter’s site.

A few months ago, I started to notice that this link wasn’t being updated. That’s funny, I’d think. I must be more careful next time. And I could go back into the post, and sure enough the link hadn’t changed, but I could then edit it correctly. I doubt anyone would even notice, but it messes up pingbacks a tiny bit.

Anyway, over the months, I’ve become more and more careful about making sure I do this properly. Yet, it still happens. It just happened a few minutes ago – my FOWC post went live pointing to yesterdays prompt post. I’ve corrected it, but it shouldn’t have happened in the first place. What’s more, for this specific post, I’m convinced I reset the link before I put the post live.

And every time this happens, I’m left thinking, I could have sworn I changed that already. No matter how carefully I check, it still seems to happen. So I’m wondering, does anyone else see this or is it just me?

Stitched Up Like a Kipper

inspired by Fandango’s One Word Challenge (FOWC) of 8 December 2020, fumes.

A fisherman north of Dundee,
Tried to smoked all his catch for his tea,
But the subsequent fumes,
Sent smoke rising in plumes,
And the fire truck arrived sharpishly


It’s that time at the moment. Advert after advert of pathetic scenes, please give to such-and-such a charity. The thing is, in the UK, there are about a quarter of a million registered charities. Just in the UK.

One or two have a cause we flatly disagree with. Personally, I don’t like fee-paying schools being able to identify as charities, making very little difference to their community but receiving tax breaks nonetheless. But most charities, I’d judge, fall into the “good cause” bucket. A quarter of a million of them.

So, when we decide to donate to charity, how do we decide?

We can’t just give it evenly, because none of us, personally, has enough money to go around – if we did, everyone would get nothing.

So, yes, charities are good causes. But there has to be something over and above that, which tips the balance and makes us donate. For me, and I guess for most everyone else, it is because the cause touches us personally.

So, that’s where I am this christmas. I’ll give what I usually give, to my usual charity, just like I do every other week of the year. And I won’t feel at all guilty about ignoring those adverts tugging on my heartstrings.

A Chip off the Old Block

My ancestor, jester at court,
Said he knew how to cure the king’s wart,
King said “off with his head”,
And blood spurted out, red,
Leaving rest of the troupe one man short.


There’s some more of this family nonsense here:

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