for Fandango’s One Word Challenge (FOWC) of 29 November 2020, putrid.

When looking at the White House,
There isn’t long to go,
Just six more weeks of waiting,
And then you’ll have your Joe.

All the dodgy dealings,
And all those putrid smells,
With guns and immigration,
White supremacy, as well.

We need to give the man time,
Some time to turn the tide,
But we have expectations too
There will be no free ride.

The CO2 emitters
How loud will be their voice?
When climate verson system,
What will be his choice?

I realise he’s restricted,
I’m not quite so naive,
But lest we see some progress,
The world will not believe.

Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #94

For Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #94:

Today’s Elite

“I wonder what would happen if…?”, thought Ant,as he climbed into the dryer. “Hey, Dec”, he called to his partner-in-crime, who was still unloading his washing, wearing the traffic cone they’d just taken from the roadworks outside. “What do you reckon would happen if I got into one of these?” Already known as a pair of pranksters in their few short months at university, the two decided to find out.

Five minutes later, Ant managed to kick the door open, which fortunately shut the dryer down. He managed to clamber out of the dryer, but collapsed into a heap as soon as his leg hit the floor. With a broken arm to accompany his broken leg, Ant now cut a very forlorn figure.

In the meantime, Dec was dialling for an ambulance. They’d better get Ant to hospital, so they could x-ray his head.

Holy Mackerel

My brother, now there is a tale,
Went fishing on rather large scale,
Got caught in a storm,
His boat wouldn’t conform,
And then he got ate by a whale.

There’s some more family nonsense here:

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