Any Nibbles Today?

for Fandango’s One Word Challenge (FOWC) of 28 November 2020, modicum. A particularly silly one today, because Saturday ends in “y”.

Whilst drunk and decidedly stewed,
The trawlerman stripped himself nude!
Please exhibit a modicum,
You’re harming our cod income,
Behave or you’ll end up fish food!

Pause for Thought

I saw a prompt flash by this morning, on which the theme is snippet.

Aw, man, I’ve got to tell you, I am an expert at lockdown! You guys have been living it since March, I’ve been living it since 2016! Every day, recovering from my stroke, those same four walls… Okay, as I improved I did begin to get out of the house a bit, but really a fraction compared to my pre-stroke life.

And the idea that you’re restricted? Well, of course you are, in one sense. But in other respects…

One thing you can do, unlimited, is think. Let me tell you, during my time convalescing, I solved many of the world’s ills. And in terms of recording them – that was one of the reasons for this blog, so there are thoughts on all sorts of subjects!

I’ll even attach one for you to read, if you like, from about 15 months after my stroke. It is a snippet of my politics and, re-reading it, I still agree with it fully. It is about electoral reform in the UK, which I think comes second only to climate change. Frankly, it doesn’t matter whether you agree with me or whether you think I’m a fruitcake – my point is that I thought about it. I have a solution, which works for me.

These downtimes are a gift to us to allow us to get our heads straight!

Electoral Reform

One of my pet crusades is electoral reform. I still think that we need to have two levels of parliament. The lower house (House of Commons) deals with all the day-to-day issues, the party politics, and forms the government. Exactly as today. The role of the upper chamber (House of Lords) is really to sanity-check, … Continue reading “Electoral Reform”


I wrote a poem yesterday and deliberately left it as a cliff-hanger, so every reader had the opportunity to construct own, unique version of events after I left off. Here is mine, continuing in verse form:

They walk back for their nightcap,
Of course, he’s wanting more,
But as they reach his hotel,
She pauses at the door.

“I can’t go through with this”, she says,
“It just does not feel right”,
“It isn’t you, it’s me, my love”,
And, once again, takes flight.

Away at a safe distance,
She realises misguide,
This all too topsy-turvy,
She hails another ride.

One minute scarlet woman,
Now going home instead,
On ride home she determines,
What future lies ahead.

When reaches her apartment,
She knows what she must do,
She wakes her dozing husband,
“I’m sorry, babe, we’re through.”

So there we are, they both struck out. She thinks it’s wrong to commit adultery but she also think it’s better to be out of a failing relationship.