Will She Won’t She?

for Fandango’s One Word Challenge (FOWC) of 27 November 2020, fidelity.

Another disagreement,
Another evening fight,
To try and find a way to cool,
Takes off into the night.

She hails a passing taxi,
She’s not quite in her mind,
As taxi passes lit-up bar,
Might help her to unwind.

Decides in a split-second,
Commands the cab to halt,
Then seats herself on bar stool,
And orders up a malt.

One drink after another,
The whiskey comes at pace,
As head becomming fuzzy,
She sees a smiling face.

The man then introduces,
She likes his cheeky smile,
He makes her feel attractive,
He’s charming all the while.

He’s just here for a conference,
A stranger here in town,
A stylish young divorcee,
He helps her sorrows drown.

Enjoying time together,
He’s gentle, suave and kind,
They flirt as drinks are flowing,
Forgets the man behind.

It’s closing time already,
The barman shuts down tap,
Will she stroll back to hotel with him?
Feel like a nightcap?


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