Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #93

For Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #93:


Delphine left La Sorbonne with a History degree, and it had taken almost a year to find a job, even then unrelated, at a bookstore in her hometown of Tours.

It had been convenient to live with her parents at first, but as soon as possible she had found an apartment to rent, away from their prying eyes. She settled into life between work and the apartment, with the odd Friday night at the local bar thrown in.

And there, she had met René. Well, she’d met him occasionally before, a friend of a friend, but this night they clicked, and spent most of the evening flirting. In a bold move, Delphine had invited him back to her apartment, one thing had led to another, and René had spent the night.

Eyes blurry, Delphine looked at her alarm clock. 7:30AM. Shit, she was late. She looked at the body snoring gently beside her, and realised that she had a decision to make. Do I rouse him, or leave him to continue sleeping? He did look so peaceful, lying there.

In a second, the decision was made. Potential? Yes, but she hardly knew him, after all. With a vigourous nudge, she hissed “come on, you have to leave, I have to go to work”.

Twenty minutes later, she kissed René goodbye, outside the bar where they’d spent last night, and without even worrying whether he would call, hurried to the bus stop, all the while wearing a satisfied smile. Looking at her watch, she might just make it on time.


I’ve got no time for Christmas,
It doesn’t float my boat,
Let’s look again in one month’s time,
And then I might take note.


for Fandango’s One Word Challenge (FOWC) of 23 November 2020, roar.

A fat man of Russian extraction,
Habitually ate to distraction,
He gave such a roar,
When he fell through a floor,
And then spent the next six months in traction