Had my most unsatisfactory exchange with the WordPress support people the other day.

You know when you follow a new blog?

And you can manage how you find out when they post something new? Emails, notifications, etc.?

Well, every time I follow a new blog, WP gets these values wrong (i.e. not how I like them to be), so I have to go in and manually change stuff to how I like it, on every new blog.

It’s a small thing, but I got fed up of changing it every time. So I asked WP whether there was a setting I could change someplace which would make WP get it right, without me having to go and faff around every single time.

The reply? Here is how you open the Reader…

Er, no… My response? Please take the trouble to read my question. I realised that what I’m talking about is a bit fiddly, so I might have had to explain it some more, but I was at least looking for some indication that the analyst and I were on the same page.

They apologised for “mis” [i.e. not!] reading my question, then started asking me what emails I had received from WP recently. How should I know? I check that account maybe twice a week. They then wanted me to look through them. Bear in mind, I had never even asked about emails, this was all down to her – I was interested in changing a setting on the web site someplace.

Long and short, I got increasingly frustrated that this woman (who identified herself as Rachel) could not grasp what I was asking. To my credit, I think, I remained polite, although there was certainly a filter going on between head and hand. I was, however, curt. In the end I just said “sorry, this chat is unproductive” and closed the window. I would have happily spoken to her supervisor, but I was done speaking to her.

To my surprise I got a subsequent email response – not from this woman but from somebody who may have been her supervisor. They, at least, understood the question, although I think the answer is “tough”. I can live with that – it’s not a showstopper. What I did object to was somebody trying to feed me a line of bs.

So Rachel, I’m afraid, got a terrible review. Presumably, given her lack of ability to listen, she receives lots of other bad reviews. Frankly, WordPress strike me as a bunch of cutthroats, so I’m sure it is only a matter of time before poor old Rachel is asked into the manager’s office…


for Fandango’s One Word Challenge (FOWC) of 19 November 2020, hail.

A man with a bit too much ale,
Fell over on rusty old nail,
His compromised state,
Helped to mitigate,
But expletives flew past in a hail!

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