for Fandango’s One Word Challenge (FOWC) of 14 November 2020, adept. A bit of nonsense at the end but I hope it raises a smile.

A man with a pleasant demeanour,
Secured a new job as a cleaner,
He was lithe and adept
As he vacuumed and swept
And left silverware never so gleamer!

The Gift Of…

Over on Weekly Prompts this week, the challenge is to come up with something to do with gifts.

I did write a short poem this week but, basically, it was rubbish. So I’ll make do with a tiny amount of prose instead.

The gift is empathy. We don’t even need to go to the level of having been through the same experience as somebody else, simply to appreciate that it has put them in a dark place, just like the dark places we have found ourselves in.