Nice things

Why? oh, why? oh, why?
Did God make cherry pie?
FGor, ever since my youth,
I’ve had the sweetest tooth.

All pastries are fair game,
I love ’em just the same,
And then there is ice cream,
Which gets in with this theme.

Is candy just for kids?
Which grown-up taste forbids?
But even though I’m grown,
I want some for my own.

And, did I mention cake?
Yes please, I will partake.
Cream tea is always in my dream,
With strawberry jam and clotted cream.

Of course I save the best for last,
This one is surely unsurpassed,
The ultimate for my sweet tooth,
Of course it’s chocolate, rich and smooth.

If you are wondering, I have a good imagination!

My Favourite Boy

He was waiting in the kitchen at 6:30 AM for his breakfast. After that, he crashed out on the bed.

It is now 11:30 AM. About a half-hour ago, he got up, had a look to see if there was any food in the kitchen (there isn’t, yet), then pawed at the door to go out. As usual, he sits in the doorway so I have to force him either in or out, before I can close the door again.

Ten min utes ago, he decided it was all too much and decided just to crash on the rug in the lounge. Jeez, and I thought had a hard life!

This is the same cat who kills and maims rodents for fun.

Fandango’s One Word Challenge (22 October 2020)

for Fandango’s One Word Challenge(FOWC), alleviate.

There is this really strange story going on in the UK for about the last week. I’ll just report it briefly, and you can form an opinion for yourself. You can imagine several alleviates going on, so I feel justified in using it to answer the prompt.

COVID in the UK is getting worse, and the government has announced a three-tier system, with restrictions increasing, tier on tier. There are arguments about how useful this system is, but that is beside the point today.

The government (who hold both the numbers and the purse-strings) have decided that some areas are so bad, they should go from their current tier to the next one up.

The areas are pushing back. In particular, Manchester.

Why? Because, to each area, the government is offering a compensation package in return for greater restrictions. The areas are saying “it’s not enough”.

Now, I have no idea whether it is or isn’t enough. The one thing that was reinforced was that it is all about money.

Meanwhile, the virus marches on.

image from the UK government web site,
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