The White Stuff

for Fandango’s One Word Challenge (FOWC) of 1 October 2020, synchronise.

I had the idea for the start of the poem while I was getting changed, then hadn’t really come up with anything else, so decided to run with it. By the time I was about four verses in I realised I was a mile off course, so there is a pathetic attempt at the end to pull it all back together.

Pasteurised, Homogenised,
Silver-topped or Gold,
Full fat milk or semi’skimmed
A wonder to behold!

All these different types of milk,
Competing on the shelves,
So many types to choose from,
We all just please ourselves.

Would you like organic?
Or maybe lactose-free?
Or perhaps some soy or almond milk?
(I heard that tastes like pee.)

Condensed or evaporated,
Do we know what these things are?
Rice? Or oat? Or buttermilk?
Only halfway through so far.

The point is, there are many milks,
Too much to analyse,
So confuse them in the coffee shop,
And just ask for synchronised!

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