Courtesy of Google Assistant…

Q. What is the difference between a hippo and a zippo?

A. One is really heavy, the other is a little lighter.

Fandango’s One Word Challenge (15 September 2020)

Okay, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so I shouldn’t say this is crap, but does anybody out there think it isn’t crap? But this was the first thing came into my head when I saw Fandango’s One Word Challenge (FOWC) for today, incessant. Possibly a good example of why we should stop and think twice before posting anything?

For those of you who don’t understand cockney rhyming slang,

rabbit = rabbit and pork = talk.

I bet you’re glad you learned English instead!

Beats Me

I’ve seen a few posts in recent days which strike me as weird.

One post, the other day, was a grandparent wishing to meet with their grandchild, just before their country’s rules on meeting people became stricter.

The other thing was posted by Caramel overnight, who came out of work Saturday to see people dressed up as if going to a party. Turns out, they were going to a party – our country too has introduced tighter rules about gatherings, and these people were getting together in order to beat the deadline. I should add that Caramel’s sentiment was that this was a bad idea, and I’m with her 100%.

I can see why our government is saying “we must do this” (e.g. wearing a mask) and then adding “but by the way, we will only make it compulsory next Tuesday”. It is to give people time to prepare.

The virus is not going to behave one way until midnight Monday, then start behaving differently on the stroke of midnight. Those future deadlines are to give us time to adjust to it, not the other way around.

So given that there will be no discernible difference in the harmfulness of the virus in just those few days between the announcement and the enforcement, shouldn’t we be trying (as best we can) to meet the new requirements as soon as possible?

It just seems dumb to me. A new rule is coming in Tuesday so let’s make sure we all meet up Saturday. Is the virus aware of days of the week?

Incidentally, my own village has been virus-free for 3 months, yet on Monday four new cases were reported. I realise that four cases probably represents a single household, and there are maybe 1,000 households in our village, but I cancelled my coffee this week, just in case. Not only is it most likely riskier for me, it’s riskier for my buddy, also. I’m not too hung up on exactly what the UK’s new rules are – my own rule is just to be in close contact with my wife only, which probably covers my bases. I still worry a bit about who she’s in contact with, but generally, she’s pretty sensible too.