Lonely Hearts Club

I wrote a bit of fiction yesterday (it was fiction, honest!) which featured a woman who used an online dating agency. And made up an ensuing nightmare scenario for her…

It did make me think, and I got a couple of comments along these lines, but have any of us ever used them?

I’ll jump in. I met my wife in 1998, which I think was a bit young for dating sites, so consequently I never used them. But I was/am quite computer-savvy, and I certainly remember joining some chatrooms aimed at singles. I can’t remember who it was – it might have been Yahoo, and do any of you remember Compuserve? (same kind of thing as AoL, in fact I think the two merged in the end) But it was all very amateur. I never actually met anyone as a result of one of these boards, and never paid a dime’s subscription for any of it. I guess it was before people realised that they could make money from it.

But if I hadn’t have met my wife, I could probably have seen myself using something. I don’t have anything at all against these types of site and I think they’d have been a brilliant tool for meeting people. Of course, I’d have been worried about meeting the axe murderer but that’s true of any first date.

I was just wondering, does anyone else have any stories (horror or success) they feel like sharing?

Why not comment of, better still, write a post and ping it back to this post?

One Door Closes…

I wrote a post yesterday for my FOWC response and just decided to continue developing the thread, which Ithought I’d post today. I suppose it helps if you read the first part (which is also about 3 minutes) but it’s not absolutely essential.

“Ash Brown 228?”. Asha heard the voice from behind. Spinning around, the man who had greeted Asha was not at all what she was expecting. Buying herself some time, she said “oh, good, you’re at the bar already? How about getting me a drink?” With a glass of wine on its way, Asha had time to think. This guy had described himself as somebody totally different, and Asha was very unimpressed. Could she believe any word that this guy said? SurpriseSurprise49 had certainly lived up to his name. By the time the wine arrived, Asha had decided what to say.

“Look, I’m sorry, I’m not happy doing this. You basically made up this online profile, to trick women to meet up with you.” “I’m sorry”, he interjected. “If you’ll let me explain…”

But Asha was gone through the door and into the night, leaving her drink untouched SurpriseSurprise49 would perform no more surprises tonight.

Pissed with the world, Asha quickly phoned Anna to let her know that she was safe, at least, and on her way home, then she just headed for the tube. ¾ hr later, she came up out of  the tube, arriving back onto home territory. Figuring that she had better eat something this evening, Giros Taverna was known across north London for its authentic Greek cuisine, but tonight Asha just wanted something to fill the gap, and ordered a take-out kofte. She would normally have hesitated before consuming all these calories, but hadn’t tonight been bad enough? Armed with her takeout, she almost bumped into somebody coming in, just as she was leaving. She vaguely recognised him as a neighbour from four or five houses away, but short of apologising for their mutual encounter, was in no mood for conversation.

“That was one smart-dressed lady”, thought the guy as he and two friends bumped past the woman on their way into the taverna.

Fandango’s One Word Challenge (8 September 2020)

inspired by Fandango’s One Word Challenge (FOWC), lampoon.