Who Won the Week (6 September 2020)

I always liked Fandango’s Who Won the Week post, and like to join in with some quirky stories from my own newsfeeds. All from our unique vantage points, the idea is to pick something (a person, organisation, anything) which “won” the week.

A quickie this week. My homage this week is simply to technology. This news clip was dated 1st September 2020, so I guess this incident happened just a couple weeks ago.

How brilliant is this? James Bond, eat your heart out. I mean, the clip says that investigators were skeptical but this was reported in, independently, by two airplanes flying into LAX…

My other possibility this week was a certain elk.

Life through the Lens (6 September 2020)

As my previous series came to an end, I had the idea to post some of my own photographs.

When my eyes were better, I used to enjoy photography. I had some decent kit and was around just as digital photography was taking off. Although it was strictly a hobby for me, two of my photos were published. One rural shot of hay bales ended up in a brochure made by the UK’s NFU (farming), another ended up in a coffee-table book about lighthouses. I wasn’t David Bailey but a couple of times, I was fortunate to be in the right place at the right time.

I thought I’d share some. All these photographs were taken by me, I own the copyright so if you’d like to use any, go for it. Just so long as you don’t use them to make any money.

My aim is to publish weekly again but this time, on Sunday afternoons. I’m just going to repeat this spiel each week, too, for the benefit of new readers, so you can safely skip to the camera graphic to save reading the blurb each time.

If you look at the category above (high on left, by the date), I’ll put every photo in that same category so you can find previously-published photos. If I feel a photo needs some explanation, I’ll maybe write a line or two to go with it. Like the last time, I’ll keep going until I run out of steam. Oh, and feel free to join in, if the fancy takes you.

I’ve linked to a higher-res umage under each photo.

Last week I introduced Étretat (France) and the Porte d’Aval. Here’s what you get if you look the other way, la Porte d’Amont.

I should have mentioned last week, and you can probably tell by the light, that these shots were taken first thing on a summer’s morning. We would arrive on the ferry at about 8AM, and Étretat was a favourite destination for breakfast. Looks like it’ll be a lovely day!

One Night Stand

That briefest of glances, across darkened space,
Those delicate movements, exuding their grace,
Those exciting eyes, where mischief is lurking,
Ideal respite from a day of working.

Go over and find an excuse to say ‘Hi’,
With strong innuendos, the hours fly by,
All too soon it’s the end of the evening,
“Back to their place?” you hear, disbelieving.

Some more drinks inside, and you’re in the bedroom,
Become ever closer, then passion consumes,
The two of you left feeling interconnected,
The evening turns out not-at-all as expected.

inspired by Fandango’s One Word Challenge (FOWC) of 6 September, 2020, encounter.