Fandango’s Dog Day’s of August (27 August 2020)

Fandango’s Challenge. Today, our favourite beverage. There can be only one.


I was just gonna comment on this post but I thought it was worth sharing instead.

Do any of us really give a stuff about “growing our brand”?

By the way, if you do consider buying your own domain name, WordPress are bloody expensive. There are a zillion other internet companies who provide exactly the same service. You have to do a tiny bit of tweaking yourself, but they are much cheaper.

Can anyone tell me what this means? I don’t get it.

Hi there,

If you’re in search of ideas for growing your brand and driving more traffic to your site, I’m here today with a tip that has helped hundreds of thousands of site owners do just that.

You see, your site address (we call it a “domain name”) is the first thing visitors notice about your brand. And right now, your website address is That’s perfectly fine if you’re building this site for fun.

But if you’re building something more than a hobby site, I encourage you to claim a site address that doesn’t include “”. Here are a few options we would suggest for your site:
With one of these addresses, you can make a more unique, lasting impression on your visitors and possibly rank higher in search results.

And the best thing is…

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The original plan had been to get down to Waterloo, then to strike out along the South Bank and to find lunch somewhere on the way, but when Paul awoke that Sunday morning, the weather did not look too promising. He had heard the rain since before he had even opened the curtains and watching the raindrops cascade down the window merely confirmed the diagnosis.

He had phoned Anna mid-morning. Neither of them particularly felt like going anywhere today. Paul broke the news to Jake. At Jake’s age, rain was no obstacle and he was clearly disappointed. In the end, Paul relented. “Look, if it doesn’t stop raining, I’ll take you out for a pizza at lunchtime, anyway. How does that sound?” Well, Jake’s main adventure was going out somewhere for lunch, so he was placated.

There was no abatement from the weather, and at lunchtime Paul and Jake had found themselves in Café Rouge. At least Paul had managed to convince Jake away from pizza. Much as Jake would happily eat pizza every day, it was good to add some variety into his diet.

As a treat for Jake, they had arranged to meet Anna back at Paul’s bedsit after lunch. For some reason that Anna could not quite understand, Jake had taken a shine to her.

After they returned from lunch, Paul had called Anna, and a half hour later, there was a ring on the doorbell. Still no respite from the rain, as Anna shook the water off her umbrella before she came in. Cooped up in Paul’s bedsit, with no firm plans, they had settled on watching one of Jake’s DVDs. For a short while, the three sat watching Disney’s Aladdin, for the thousandth time.

Paul made an excuse to look up something on the web and fired up his laptop. “Oh, when you’ve finished there, go put the kettle on”, chirped Anna. With Paul now busy in the kitchen, Jake shouted through. “Dad, can I play Dungeons and Dragons on the computer?”

As the boys had discovered better things to do, Anna was left sitting alone watching the film. Growing bored, she had asked if anybody minded her flicking through the channels. Nothing. Jake was, by now, engrossed in his game. She may as well see what he was up to, so she started looking at the screen. This was the day that Jake taught Anna about auks, trolls, and goblins!

for Fandango’s One Word Challenge (FOWC) of 27 August 2020, nerd.

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