Fandango’s Dog Days of August (19 August 2020)

Unique combination tonight, time plus motivation. So I thought I’d have a stab at today’s FDDA challenge, hate. I’ve been having some fun composing a few poems again recently, so I hope this raises a smile. Some of these are true, others just made me smile. I’ll let you decide which are which.

Whether they're short or whether they're long,
One thing's for certain, I hate Country songs.

Just a few words to describe it, absolute crap.
You can be left in no doubt that I'm talkin' 'bout rap.

Another I saw not much point in grunge,
If it comes on, I fill up my ears with sponge.

I never was too much into rock,
The most I can say is it just puts me in shock

I don't mind some jazz in the late afternoon,
But why the **** can't they just stick to the tune?

I really quite partial to good bits of punk
Another I like is is Seventies funk.

When we talk about reggae, we're on the same line,
A good reggae band nothing short of sublime.

I can't let this rhyme go without having my say,
'Bout disco, soul music, and of course Marvin Gaye.

Fandango’s Provocative Question (19 August 2020)

Wednesday. Fandango’s Provocative Question once again. I looked in my reader and what should I see? This week, Fandango asks:

Do we control technology or is technology controlling us?

It depends who “us” is. If you’re a pawn, then yes, you are controlled. For example, when I order my repeat meds, I have to log on to a web site. I have to behave in a certain way just to place the order. In that way, the technology controls me – I have to interact with it in a particular way, otherwise I don’t get my meds.

But some human(s) will have designed that site. The site will function exactly how they decide. So in that sense, we (i.e. some humans) are very much in control.

Fandango uses the example of his current woes with WordPress, so let’s think about that.

There is a free, open-source content management product called WordPress, available from I can download it for free and run it on my own web server, if I could be bothered. Plugins, themes, the lot.

There is also a company,, who maintain servers which run this product. They sell hosting to Fandango and I, and probably you. That’s not what they call it, but that’s what it is. They sell disk space on a web server.

I don’t understand how and are related. I feel that they must be related somehow, and support staff have been happy to create feature requests for me. But what I heard – some founder walked and founded seems too simple.

It is who are pushing Gutenberg. are taking all the flak from users, but this is coming from So, the humans at are most definitely in control of the technology, although Fandango is not.

My supposition is that decided to “grow” their product. One way to grow it was to adopt the new editor. Most probably financial. Maybe they wants easier things like shopping carts to attract businesses?

But standard users like Fandango will have been lower down the pecking order. Exactly how it has turned out.

Once you decide new-over-old, it makes sense just to support one, although I’ve been surprised at how quickly this has happened. You double your support costs otherwise. Maybe that’s the bottom line? Maybe the plan is to fire half the support team?

There are other blogging platforms, and it is only a year ago that I moved here from Blogger. The Blogger editor had far more in common with the Classic Editor than with Gutenberg. But Blogger has none of the community. Have a look. Try finding blogs about such-and-such. The only way is through Google Search – there is no hub, no reader.

I blogged for about 2 years on Blogger, and had almost no readers. Not surprising. Maybe anyone who met me can remember how difficult it was to interact with me? Things we take for granted – following, liking, commenting, even pingbacks, more difficult, for the most part impossible. Blogger has not been built to interact.

On the Rocks

The rain, it is pissing,
The roof tiles are missing,
The ceiling is dripping,
Prevents me from kipping,
I give up on sleeping,
Time for some housekeeping,
Fed up with this mopping,
My spirits are dropping.

inspired by Fandango’s One Word Challenge (FOWC) of 19 August, 2020, missing.

A Fresh Perspective

I’m prompted to write this by the Democrat Convention in the US.

We had an election in the UK last December. At that election, I spoiled my ballot, because I didn’t rate any candidate. I was uneasy doing this, I thought about it afterwards. My conclusion that we’re stuck with our political system, we don’t have an option just to walk away and let them get on with it, and the only way we can improve our lot is from the inside.

So I decided that I should probably take part in future ballots. But I’m still left with the problem that none of the candidates was any good. So, who should I vote for?

I reconciled this by turning it on its head. I have to stop looking for the most suitable candidate, but for the least unsuitable.

The implication of this is that even if the candidate I voted for gets elected, there’ll still be things I’m unhappy with. So, I’ll still end up wanting better, even though I supported them. But there we go – nobody is perfect.

Anybody else who maybe is faced with some bad election candidates, maybe that’s an option? Instead of looking for the best candidate, and being disappointed (because none of them are much good), to think instead in terms of the least worst candidate?